What’s the Best Way to Incorporate a Velvet Blazer into Your Winter Work Wardrobe?

April 8, 2024

Velvet blazers are a must-have fashion piece in any woman’s wardrobe. They can elevate your style from casual to sophisticated with just one step. The rich fabric not only adds a touch of luxury but also keeps you warm during the winter months. However, the question often arises: "How can I stylishly incorporate a velvet blazer into my winter work wardrobe?" Well, we’ve got answers. Read on for some professional styling tips that will make your velvet blazer the star of your winter work outfits.

1. Pairing Your Velvet Blazer with Different Bottoms

When it comes to creating an outfit with a velvet blazer, the possibilities are endless. It’s all about choosing the right bottoms to pair with it.

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For a classic office look, team your blazer with a pair of black slacks. This combination will give your outfit a traditional, professional feel. To add a touch of personality, consider choosing pants with a subtle pattern or texture.

If your workplace allows a slightly more casual look, why not try pairing your velvet blazer with a pair of dark-wash jeans? This combination strikes the perfect balance between professional and relaxed.

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Another option is to wear your blazer with a skirt. This can be an excellent way to feminize the traditionally masculine blazer silhouette. A black pencil skirt is a timeless choice that will always look chic. However, don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors, patterns, and lengths.

2. Dressing Up Your Velvet Blazer

There are numerous ways to dress up a velvet blazer, making it suitable for formal work events or important meetings.

To create an outfit that exudes sophistication, consider wearing your blazer as part of a suit. Pair it with matching velvet trousers for a cohesive, polished look. Complete the outfit with a crisp white shirt, and you’re ready to make a bold fashion statement at work.

Alternatively, you could wear your velvet blazer over a dress. This is a particularly good option for formal evening events. A simple black dress would work well, letting the velvet blazer stand out.

However, remember to keep the rest of your outfit relatively low-key when dressing up your blazer. Too many statement pieces can make your outfit look busy and overdone. Instead, let your blazer be the star of the show.

3. Accessorizing Your Velvet Blazer

Accessories can make or break an outfit. When it comes to accessorizing a velvet blazer, less is often more.

For a stylish work look, consider pairing your blazer with a simple, elegant necklace. This can add just the right amount of interest without overpowering the blazer.

Another great accessory to pair with your blazer is a belt. Wearing a belt over your blazer can help define your waist and create a flattering silhouette. Opt for a slim, understated belt for a subtle touch of style.

When it comes to handbags and shoes, keep things simple and professional. A structured leather handbag and a pair of classic pumps are perfect complements to a velvet blazer.

4. Mixing and Matching Colors

The color of your velvet blazer can significantly impact the overall vibe of your outfit. A black blazer is a versatile, timeless choice that can be paired with almost anything in your wardrobe. However, don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors.

A deep burgundy or emerald green blazer can add a pop of color to your winter work outfits. These hues are particularly suitable for the colder months and can add a festive touch to your outfit.

When pairing your blazer with other pieces, consider the color wheel. Complementary colors (those opposite each other on the color wheel) can create a vibrant, high-contrast look. Analogous colors (those next to each other on the color wheel) can create a harmonious, coordinated look.

5. Taking Care of Your Velvet Blazer

Finally, remember to take good care of your velvet blazer. This will ensure that it remains a beloved piece in your wardrobe for many winters to come.

Avoid washing your blazer in a washing machine, as this can damage the delicate velvet fabric. Instead, consider taking it to a professional cleaner. If you need to remove wrinkles, use a steamer rather than an iron.

Store your blazer on a hanger to help maintain its shape. Avoid folding it, as this can cause wrinkles and creases.

A velvet blazer is a stylish, versatile piece that can be a great addition to your winter work wardrobe. With these tips, you will be well-equipped to style your blazer in a way that reflects your unique sense of fashion.

6. Seasonal Styling with Your Velvet Blazer

Velvet blazers are a timeless choice, but they are particularly stylish during the colder months of the year. From October through February, a velvet blazer can add a touch of warmth and elegance to your winter work wardrobe.

Consider the color of your blazer in relation to the seasons. For example, a burgundy or emerald green blazer can be perfect for the festive period in December and January. Meanwhile, a black or deep navy blue blazer might be more suited to the darker days of November and February.

Layering is also an essential aspect of winter styling. As the temperatures drop, you can layer your velvet blazer over a cozy sweater or a crisp button-down shirt. When styled correctly, this can create a chic, professional look that’s perfect for the office.

Additionally, consider the rest of your outfit when wearing your velvet blazer. In the winter months, it’s essential to pair your blazer with warm, comfortable pieces. For example, a pair of wool slacks or a knitted skirt can be a cozy and stylish option. Add a pair of sleek boots, and you’ve got a stylish, winter-ready work outfit.

7. Wearing Velvet Beyond the Blazer

While the focus of this article is the velvet blazer, it’s worth mentioning that velvet can be stylishly incorporated into your wardrobe in other ways. If you love the luxurious feel and look of velvet, why not consider a velvet suit or a velvet jacket as well?

Incorporating more than one velvet piece into your outfit, such as a matching velvet suit, can create a statement look that is both professional and on-trend. Similarly, a velvet jacket can add a touch of vintage glamour to your work wardrobe. Paired with the right pieces, it can create a chic, timeless look.

Remember to balance out the richness of the velvet with more subdued pieces in your outfit. Ideally, let the velvet shine on its own.


There you have it – the ultimate guide to incorporating a velvet blazer into your winter work wardrobe. From pairing your blazer with different bottoms to accessorizing it just right, to mixing and matching colors, and even taking care of your blazer, there are numerous ways to style velvet.

Remember, the key to styling your velvet blazer is to keep the rest of your outfit relatively simple. Your blazer should be the star of the show, so avoid wearing too many statement pieces that could distract from it.

Whether you’re wearing your velvet blazer to an important meeting in August or to a festive work event in December, these tips will ensure you always look stylish and professional. So, don’t shy away from making that velvet blazer a staple in your winter work wardrobe. Embrace the luxury and warmth it brings, and you’ll be turning heads at the office in no time. Happy styling!